Clients' Testimonials & Reviews

"My work with Emmanuelle took place over a year from 2012-2013. I needed help dealing with some subconscious issues that were resolved by individual sessions, art therapy and inner child work. My sessions were very successful and rewarding and I attribute this to Emmanuelle's professional and genuinely caring approach.  I always felt safe and Emmanuelle's compassion and patience allowed me to do the healing I needed to do. I will always be grateful to her and I genuinely recommend working with her." - Tanya H. - 2014

"When my eldest son was diagnosed with ASD three and a half years ago I had a serious time with it and lost some of my joy and happiness. Luckily I found Emmanuelle! At the time she was finishing her studies in Art Therapy and I attended 6 sessions with her as a case study which very much improved my attitude and motivation again. But I wanted more and so when Emmanuelle became qualified as Art Therapist, I visited again, this time for Counseling as well as Art Therapy and saw her regularly for one and a half year. With her gorgeous, generous help and sensitivity I was able to address and fully heal some very old hurts alongside the new ones. I learnt about who I was and how I had come to be who I am and I learnt about fear and grief and how to transform it into positive energy for love and relationships with my family members and importantly for myself. ​My son and I are on a journey together and the sensory and communication difficulties he has are still confusing for him and for me but our relationship is now flourishing because of Emmanuelle's expert kindness, compassion and wisdom of heartfelt healing. I feel so very fortunate to have had the experiences of natural healing with Emmanuelle and gently encourage anyone who is considering her practice to give it a try. You can only benefit from it with the guidance of a truly gifted woman."- Jane C.- 2014

​"I left my very first Art Therapy session with Emmanuelle with concrete tools and strategies to cope with some emerging chaos in my life. I felt lighter and happier than I had in months. Thank you!"  -  W.E. - 2015

“Being the best and most robust version of myself has always been my goal. For me, a full and bountiful life requires balance. A sensible diet, a realistic exercise plan, fulfilling work and making time to play, all contributes toward this balance. In the Spring of 2016 I really felt my life shift when I added counseling and life coaching sessions with Emmanuelle Barone at the Lemon Tree. Having an unbiased, objective and grounded person listen with compassion has become a very real part of my wellness. These sessions allow me to see things in a fresh new way, approach problems in an more objective manner and find inner strategies that I never knew existed.” - Tish G. - 2016

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Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) 8-Week Course


​"This course helped center me during some very rough times. It helped me remember some self-care that I had forgotten and also taught me new skills and ways of thinking about pain and suffering. Highly recommended. Very caring and knowledgeable facilitator with a laid back and flexible style. My clients are LOVING the MSC principles and practices that I am implementing with them too!"  - Michelle B. - 2016


"I've always thought of myself as a compassionate person but I was surprised and challenged when I discovered how little of that compassion was directed towards myself. That insight, and the tools I learned, have allowed me to consciously hear those inner voices that have judged me as inadequate or always needing to do more. Who should take this course? Anyone who desires to know themselves better and wants to have tools and skills to better deal with the stress and challenges of everyday life. Emmanuelle has a gentle and insightful way of teaching and sharing the material, and a delightful way of applying those skills." - Gary S. - 2016

"I attended the Mindful Self-Compassion class in the fall of 2016. What I experienced empowered me, and propelled in ways I never expected or even ever knew was so important for me.vEach week of this eight week class uncovered, or unveiled a new truth or way of thinking for me. A revelation for me was how powerful it is to stop when emotions begins to arise and explore them. Using anchoring and affection tools to sort of stop in my tracks and just look at the feeling. I had never done this simple thing before. In the past a feeling would arise and if it wasn’t a ‘positive’ one, I prided myself on the ability to push it away. Who knew that taking a moment to feel them would deepen my experience of my day. It made my day feel augmented and not avoided. Steeped and not skimmed over - this was a true expansion for me. 
I found myself deepening my interest in my own motivations, thoughts, resistance and avoidances. In the past I thought that thinking less about myself made me a better person. I wanted to avoid being self-absorbed and egomaniacal. So imagine my surprise at being given encouragement to be curious and thoughtful about my own motivations and fears and choices! I know this may sound ridiculous but becoming interested and intrigued about me had felt self-indulgent in the past. It was such a gift for the instructor to coax me into inner exploration and inner curiosity for all feelings.  
I gained a lot by learning the breath technique of one for me and one for you. What a great way to stay balanced in any circumstance. Also looking at our core values and how that differs from our goals was illuminating for me. I like considering my core, I am still considering it. This was when I first took this whole MSC thing into the real world and really saw how empowering it could be. I used it for in a minor medical procedure that completely freed me from a previous fear on that day. I think it will free me from future irrational fear. This experience was so powerful to me.  
Emmanuelle, I enjoyed the way you taught the class, the rhythm you set in class was lovely. The emails that were sent after class full of notes, links and poetry were awesome. I am grateful for having the poems written out so I could reread and save them. The links that you included in the emails furthered my understanding of the weeks’ topics  and were superb.  

But most of all I loved the way you handled and delivered the material. You were well aware when the room got a little too serious and you found delightful ways to lighten the mood. You made sure each student understood, all of us were caught up and aligned before moving on. Your approach was encouraging and open for all. You found different ways to make each of us feel special and attended to every week.  
I also feel that it actually took the full eight weeks to absorb all of the seemingly simplistic but extraordinarily deep lessons. You have launched me into a way of being that I want to continue learning about. To continue to live with and to grow and improve. To practice MSC until it becomes second-hand nature and an an integral part of who I am.  It’s my total new hobby.
I realize that you just wanted a brief critique and that this letter was more than you wanted, but I wanted you to really feel how appreciative I am for you to have been here, and for you to have taught this. This was 100% a fantastic experience for me. I would recommend this class over and over again to anyone. Truly, I thank you."  -  Leticia G. - 2016


"The MSC class was real touching!  I got so much out of the material, and will try to continue with the practices. Emmanuelle is a very caring and touching instructor, definitely knows her stuff! Would highly recommend this class to so many people I know. Thank you so very much!" - Cathy I. - 2016


"I thoroughly enjoyed my 8 week MSC course. Emmanuelle is a compassionate instructor with a love for assisting people on their journeys. Each week revealed a new way and new techniques to be more compassionate and develop the most important relationship in my life...

.. the one with myself." - Leasa M. - 2016