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Hello & Welcome

Let's create space together so you can thrive.

Welcome to The Lemon Tree Positive Psychology Coaching & Consulting. I am a certified positive psychology coach dedicated to improving personal and collective well-being by connecting you with the right services for you and your personal growth goals. I work with people to create a better work-life-love, work-life-school balance, or whatever combination exists in your world. My goal for you is to live your best life, flourish, and thrive.

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Where Flourishing Begins . . . 

I place special emphasis on using science-based techniques that build skills designed to be used on the go and help people bring their emotional, physical, and mental systems into balance. How I go about doing that will be unique to each client. 

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Growth Goals 

What do you want to improve? It may not be a complete overhaul. Maybe it's something that needs a little nudge in the right direction coupled with a little support. Below are just some examples of things we can work on together to get you moving in the right direction. 

My Services


Using techniques grounded in positive psychology, we can identify your personal strengths, explore emotional intelligence, and together create a unique, individualized plan so you can begin taking the next steps in creating a balanced, positive, thriving daily life. Single sessions, short-term packages, and long-term packages are available. 

Teen & College Wellness Coaching

In high school or college?

Need a tune-up on study skills? Concerns about staying organized and passing classes? Let's work together to positively transition to the next level, find balance, and get organized in your daily life so you can achieve your dreams and goals without unnecessary stress or burnout. Single sessions, short-term packages, and long-term packages are available. 


Group coaching can be powerful and effective in helping people improve their well-being and offer an opportunity to connect with others pursuing similar goals. Group coaching can be done with a friend, a small group of loved ones or co-workers, or people you do not already know who are on a similar path. Single sessions, short-term packages, and long-term packages are available. 

Why is Positive Psychology Important? 

Positive psychology is important because it can help people utilize their strengths to live a fulfilled and meaningful life. We all possess the skills to do so, but we do not always access them on a regular basis. Positive psychology can help people get unstuck, find balance, and live their full potential. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed or burned out that we fail to tap into skills we already have. Discovering positive psychology and what it has to offer can translate into living a life filled with better decision-making, problem-solving, motivating change, and helping you thrive in life, school, or work. I am here to meet you where you are in life and guide you on your journey to flourishing.  

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About Me

The Lemon Tree 
Came into Being 

In early 2022, I was experiencing feelings of energy depletion and severe exhaustion. I was mentally distant and felt a lack of connection with my job as a public high school teacher. In addition, I was also teaching at night as an adjunct professor in a graduate program at a major university as well as supporting and leading professors in my positive psychology course.  I knew my life was out of balance and something needed to change, but I still wanted to utilize my decades of education and training and share my love of learning, which is one of my top five signature strengths. Thus, The Lemon Tree grew into being.

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"We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us." 

Joseph Campbell

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What Clients Are Saying

"I was struggling at the beginning of the school year. Dr. S. helped me get organized and how to manage my workload. My grades improved and I didn't feel as overwhelmed and pressured as I did at the beginning of the year." 



"Coaching has had a significant impact on my perception of life and ultimately will help me apply concepts of positive psychology to myself and clients."

- SB


"I enjoy coming to my coaching sessions. It is fun and interactive."

- MS


"Dr. Sucamele was thorough and made us feel comfortable so we could be open."


- CD, DD


 "Opened my understanding of the essential and balancing role of positive psychology." 

- AK

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Calm the overwhelm. 

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