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  • Allison Sucamele

Explore Hygge.

Do what makes your soul shine. I've just started learning more about hygge, pronounced "hoo-ga," which has its roots in Denmark. This particular book (pictured below), The Little Book of Hygge is written by Meik Wiking, founder of the Happiness Research Institute, and describes being consciously cozy; it's about equality, gratitude, good food, indulgence, being together with the people you love, and combining all of them. It is the art of creating a pleasant atmosphere and also has been known as "the pursuit of everyday happiness."

Other books on hygge worth exploring are listed below. I'm currently reading Hygge: The Secrets of the Hygge art towards a Stress-Free and Happier Life. I'm only a few pages in and already have acquired an abundance of things that I am going to incorporate into my life and my positive psychology coaching practice. Feel free to reach out if you want to talk more about hygge or want to share some of your own hygge practices. In this case, I am the student. Peace be with you.

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