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  • Allison Sucamele

How to Practice Loving-Kindness Meditation

Meditation introduces us to the part of ourselves that has been missing.

- Russell Simmons

There are different ways to practice this form of meditation, each based on different Buddhist traditions, but each variation uses the same core psychological operation. During your meditation, you generate kind intentions toward certain targets including yourself and others (Scott, 2022). Here are some of our favorite resources and practices:

Let Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar guide you through this 5 minute meditation and help you let go of the tension and stress of your day. 5 minute meditations allow us to reconnect and tune-in with our bodies.

This guided mindfulness meditation session will be a guide to help focus on both the self and others through loving-kindness and healing of the mind. This session is 17 minutes total, with about 13 minutes of spoken dialogue followed by 4 minutes of ambient music.

Loving-Kindness Meditation | Practice | Greater Good in Action

Practicing kindness is one of the most direct routes to happiness: Research suggests that kind people tend to be more satisfied with their relationships and with their lives in general. We all have a natural capacity for kindness, but sometimes we don’t take steps to nurture and express this capacity as much as we could.

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