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Updated: Sep 6

Find free printable documents mentioned on my podcast The Lemon Tree Coaching Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. Find needed materials for coaching, or anything that you find helpful. It's all free! You may also want to check out my store on TPT (formerly Teachers Pay Teachers). My store name is The Lemon Tree by AKS.


Morning Routine with Inspirational Quote Template

TLT Morning Routine Template
Download PDF • 676KB


Setting Valued Goals (TLT Episode #18)

Download PDF • 181KB


Personal Values Worksheet (TLT Episode #18)

Download PDF • 212KB


Ranking Your Values and Finding Your Life Deviation Score (TLT Episode # 18)

Download PDF • 256KB


STOP Method (TLT Episode #12)

STOP Method
Download PDF • 320KB

This practice is called the STOP Method. It’s fairly easy to remember and goes like this: Stop, Take a Breath, Observe, and Proceed. Remembering stop will help you to de-escalate and diffuse intense emotions in the moment. So let’s break it down a little further.

The S in stop is obviously for stop. Whatever you are doing, whatever is happening, take a moment to pause.

The T is for Take a breath. Use your breath to anchor yourself or ground yourself. It is important for you to re-connect with your breath.

O is for observe. Be mindful of what is happening both internally and externally. What are the emotions are you feeling? This is a good way to also practice emotional granularity which is differentiating between emotions and having the ability to get really specific about what emotions we are experiencing.

P is proceed. Continue with your day.

The positive aspects of using the STOP method include helping you to recognize tension arising in your body so that you can diffuse it before you experience mild to severe discomfort or pain. Throughout the day, it is helpful to check in with yourself using the STOP method and reconnect with reality, be mindful in the moment, and pause from the habitual, and mindless busy monkey-mind tasks that we all are so accustomed to. STOP allows us to take a moment to breathe and an opportunity to shift if necessary and reconnect with ourselves.

When you encounter a moment like this, you can simply pause and ask yourself, “What do I want from this moment?”

It’s nice to have a little reminder cheat sheet for STOP, because as well all know, in the moment, we can’t always recall the steps in a method that we know so well or have been trained on. That’s okay.


Body Scan Meditation (TLT Episode #9)

Download PDF • 79KB


RAIN Mindfulness Exercise (TLT Episode #9)

RAIN Mindfulness Exercise
Download PDF • 435KB


Morning Routine Template (TLT Episode #7)

Morning Routine-2
Download PDF • 18KB


Self Care Menu (blank) (TLT Episode #3)

TLT Self Care Menu
Download PDF • 267KB


Gratitude Journal (single day) (TLT Episode #3)

TLT Gratitude Journal
Download PDF • 144KB


Active Listening | Practice | Greater Good in Action (TLT Episode #2)

Download PDF • 68KB


TLT Habit Tracker (TLT Episode #2)

TLT Habit Tracker
Download PDF • 143KB


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