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The Lemon Tree Coaching Podcast

Updated: 7 days ago

Listen to available episodes here. They are free and always will be free. New episodes drop every Wednesday and also can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Buzzsprout, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. If you like what you hear, subscribe, share with a friend, loved one, or colleague, and come back next week for more resources and actionable takeaways.


Episode # 32 - Dr. Terry Heptinstall - Marriage and Family Therapy, Helping Men Become Humble & Vulnerable, Increasing Intimacy in Couples, Abusive Relationships, Veterans & PTSD, Dealing with Failures, Setting Boundaries in Therapy, Life, & Business, & More


Episode # 31 - Back to School Stressors, Adapting a SWOT Analysis to the Classroom, & Positive Thinking Day

TLT E31 Show Notes


Episode # 30 - Angela Reiner - The Flourishing Co., Overcoming a Sense of Emptiness & Meaninglessness, the Capacity for Levity & Joy Despite Suffering, the Distinction Between Coaching & Therapy, Building New Pathways in Your Life, Personal Measure of Success, Living a Harmonic Life, Healing from Perfectionism, Loving the Dark Spots Within Us, & Postpartum Support Groups


Episode # 29 - Dalia Feldheim - Happiness at Work, Years of Flow, Dare to Lead Like a Girl, Wounded Masculinity, the Importance of Softer Skills, The 5 Ps, Dancing with Adversity, Managing Your Energy, Lunch is the Most Important Meeting of the Day, Having a Full Jug of Resources, Three Types of Workplace Bullying, Toxic Environments, & Being a Frog in Boiling Water


Episode # 28 - Taking Time to Reflect, Positives from Past Environments, Unreliable Memories, Positive Reminiscence, Ruminating, & Time Perspectives

TLT E28 Show Notes

TLT E28 Show Notes
Download PDF • 157KB


Episode #27: Leslie Urbas - Emotional Eating, the Secret Energy of Food, Shame & Guilt Around Food, Being 100% in Your Yes, & Diabetes

TLT E27 Show Notes

TLT E27 Show Notes
Download PDF • 157KB


Episode # 26: Royce Morales - Spiritual Awakening, Past Lives, Getting Unstuck, Getting to the Root of Issues, Finding Your Authentic Self, Turning Inward, & the Continuous Journey of Discovery

TLT E26 Show Notes

TLT E26 Show Notes
Download PDF • 156KB


Episode # 25: Mike Proctor - The Phenomenon of Stalking, Going from Teaching to Law Enforcement, & Advice for Students Who Plan to Go into Law Enforcement

TLT E25 Show Notes

TLT E25 Show Notes
Download PDF • 159KB


Episode # 24: The 4th of July: Veterans & Pets, Thick Understanding of Happiness, Post-Traumatic Growth, & How to Use the Morning Routine Template


Episode # 23: The Let Down Effect, Hope & Optimism, Sleep, & Resilience

TLT E23 Show Notes
Download PDF • 334KB


Episode # 22: Positive Psychology at the Movies/Strengths Spotting in Films Part 4: The Virtue of Transcendence, Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, Awe, Admiration & Elevation, the Social Effect of Awe, and Critical Thinking

Episode # 22 Show Notes

TLT E22 Show Notes
Download PDF • 277KB


Episode # 21: Positive Psychology at the Movies/Strengths Spotting in Films Part 3: The Virtue of Justice and the Character Strengths of Teamwork, Fairness, & Leadership, Cinema Nirvana, Fats Domino Theory of Spiritual Awakening, The Truman Show, Exchanging Self

Episode # 21 Show Notes

TLT E21 Show Notes
Download PDF • 275KB


Episode # 20: Positive Psychology at the Movies & Strengths Spotting in Films Part 2: The Virtue of Humanity and the Human Strengths of Love, Kindness, and Social Intelligence

Episode # 20 Show Notes

TLT E20 Show Notes
Download PDF • 244KB


Episode # 19: Seven Categories of Positive Psychology Interventions (PPIs), Positive Psychology at the Movies & Strengths Spotting in Films: The Virtue of Wisdom & Knowledge with Exemplars, & the Virtue of Courage with Exemplars

Episode # 19 Show Notes

TLT E19 Show Notes
Download PDF • 312KB


Episode # 18: Body Scrub Body Scan, Aesthetics & the Good Life, Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, Art & Psychological Wellbeing, & the Psychology of Color

Episode # 18 Show Notes

TLT E18 Show Notes
Download PDF • 268KB


Episode # 17: Boundaries, Personal Space Theory, Self-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, & Burnout

Episode # 17 Show Notes

TLT E17 Show Notes
Download PDF • 232KB


Episode # 16: Etymology of "Podcasts" & Fostering Flow

Episode # 16 Show Notes

TLT E16 Show Notes
Download PDF • 217KB


Episode # 15: MysticMac, HeartMath Institute, & Heart-Focused Breathing

Episode # 15 Show Notes

TLT E15 Show Notes
Download PDF • 215KB


Episode # 14: Educator's Review: Activities & Lessons for Everyone, Not Just Teachers

Episode # 14 Show Notes

TLT E14 Show Notes
Download PDF • 251KB


Episode # 13: Exploratory Review: Authentic Happiness Measure, Creating Change in Your Life, Identifying Character Strengths, Active Listening Tips, Positive Reframing, Creating a Self Care Menu, Discovering Your MBTI Profile, & Strengths Dating

Episode # 13 Show Notes

TLT E13 Show Notes
Download PDF • 316KB


Episode # 12: Self Care Shower Affirmation Cards, Aromatherapy/Essential Oil Therapy, Hanging Fresh Eucalyptus in the Shower, & STOP Method

Episode # 12 Show Notes

TLT E12 Show Notes
Download PDF • 269KB


Episode # 11: PERMA Model, Three Good Things, Random Acts of Kindness, the Gift of Time, Zinnias in Space, Savor the Goodness, 2-Minute Positivity Practices, Mindfulness & Pau Gasol, & How to Create Social Support in Your Life

Episode # 11 Show Notes

TLT E11 Show Notes
Download PDF • 160KB


Episode # 10: Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset, the Dunning-Kruger Effect, Blind Spots, False Growth Mindset, the Iceberg Illusion, "Fake It Until You Make It," Toxic Positivity, & Curiosity

Episode #10 Show Notes

TLT S1, E10 Show Notes
Download PDF • 242KB


Episode # 9: Mindfulness, RAIN, Chime Focus Activity, PAWS, Body Scan Meditation, & Mediators (INFPs)

Episode #9 Show Notes

TLT S1, E9 Show Notes
Download PDF • 225KB


Episode #8 - Creativity, Strategies to Boost Creativity, the Five Factor Model of Personality, Logotherapy, the Existential Vacuum, Three Types of Values for Self-actualization, the Science of Savoring, Diaphragmatic Breathing, & DaVinci Notebooks

Episode #8 Show Notes

TLT S1, E8 Show Notes
Download PDF • 247KB


Episode # 7: Morning Routines, Altruism, & Other Positive Psychology Strategies & Exercises

Episode #7 Show Notes

TLT S1, E7 Show Notes
Download PDF • 222KB


Episode #6: Box Breathing, Compassion Fatigue, Professional Quality of Life, The Happiness Advantage, & Pleasure

Episode #6 Show Notes

TLT S1, E6 Show Notes
Download PDF • 245KB


Episode #5: Self Love, Imposter Syndrome, Imposter Syndrome, Social Comparison Theory, Self Compassion, and Narcissism

Episode #5 Show Notes

TLT S1, E5 Show Notes
Download PDF • 272KB


Episode #4: Personality Types, Strengths Dating, Tips for Both Singles and Couples, and Humor as a Coping Mechanism

Episode #4 Show Notes

TLT S1, E4 Show Notes
Download PDF • 244KB


Episode #3: Categories of Self Care, Creating a Self Care Plan, Reframing Your Thoughts, the Overview Effect, Vedic Meditation, & Why I Named My Company The Lemon Tree, LLC

Episode #3, Show Notes

TLT S1, E3 Show Notes
Download PDF • 238KB


Episode #2: Setting Intentions, the Transtheoretical Model (Stages of Change), Core Values & Human Strengths, the Values in Action Inventory and Character Strengths, How to Practice Active Listening

Season 1, Episode #2 Show Notes

TLT S1, E2 Show Notes
Download PDF • 218KB


Episode #1: What is Positive Psychology? Misconceptions, Strategies & Resources, Human Strengths & Flourishing, Coaching vs. Therapy, Saying No to Things You Don’t Want to Do

Episode #1 Show Notes

TLT S1, E1 Show Notes
Download PDF • 162KB


Season 1, Trailer

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